More and more possibilities !

It is infinity that opens to us, after the Giphy option, it is now Google Poly that becomes accessible. You can add any 3D model from the moment it is referenced on Google Poly, it leaves the choice 🙂 Do not hesitate, the administration interface of ARzone has never been so successful ! 😎 What […]

New on ARzone!

All Giphy now available !! Now, among the diversity of content already available on the administration interface, you can embellish your Gif paper documents. For those who do not know what a GIF is, it’s a moving picture that gets its name from the Graphic Interchange Format abbreviation. In summary it gives a very short […]

New search engine

We have improved the ARzone interface for our various ARzone admin customers who have large amounts of markers or content. We’ve just optimized the management interface with a search engine that filters your content and markers to find what you’re looking for even faster. The use of ARzone becomes simpler, more intuitive for ever more […]

It’s Christmas Time !

ARzone now allows you to create scratch games in augmented reality, your customers can participate in the game by gently “scratching” their touch screen. This feature allows you to set up scratch games with infinite modalities: you can choose the duration of the game, the number of lots to win, the information you want to […]

The interface improvements

You can not stop progress ! We’re working to make it easier to use the platform, so you can now manage content creation and marker creation in one step. In addition it is now possible to customize the thumbnail launching videos to give your projects even more uniqueness.

The Rails & Histoire Association uses ARzone !!

The association dedicated to the development of railway heritage and the history of railways integrates our ARzone technology.  The goal is to offer a trip back in time through the use of Augmented Reality ! On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the SNCF, the « Rails et Histoire » association is organizing an « Innovation […]

ARzone is exported to the Indian Ocean!

ImageCorp, an advertising agency located on Reunion Island, joins our ARzone community. New opportunities and projects around connected packaging and improving the customer experience through augmented reality. A new partner that marks the development of our solution internationally.